the concept of Natureal

Natureal offers women’s clothing that is made only from natural fibres by companies that have a commitment to social responsibility. And, we do it with a personal approach, careful to create an atmosphere that is helpful and free from pressure.

Natureal appeals most to women who like simple, elegant, comfortable clothes in classic styles … and who enjoy clothes and fashion but not necessarily shopping for them.

The lines and styles carried by Natureal are chosen using a few criteria: the product must be natural - made from a plant or nature; the companies that make the products have declared commitments to social responsibility whether it be fair labour, minizing waste, and giving back; and the pieces are classic yet interesting — mostly pieces that act as a “canvas” that you can easily accessorize and wear for many occasions. As much as possible we source made in Canada lines and keep within a reasonable price point.

This ensures we source clothing that is extremely comfortable, of good quality and is lasting … it’s versatile clothing that you can wear again and again. The collections include dresses, tops with sleeves of all lengths, skirts, pants and jackets and sweaters.